Studebaker Project

Studebaker M5 Pickup into a Street Rod Project

 Welcome to my site.  This covers the complete tear down and rebuild of two Studebaker M series pickups to convert them into one street rod.  At present it is not complete, but I am adding pics, and info as I go along.  I hope you enjoy it, and maybe you'll see something that will help you with your project


FYI if you load a page, and get a "Red X" where the picture is supposed to be, just refresh the page and it should appear.

Well Here she is.  No motor, no transmission, or axles 


Here's the M5.  Looks good from here, don't get up close and look.  Lots of rust



 Dad was determined to get the M5 running, and after a short time he did









Well the chassis is back..  time to get to work.






So while the cab, and parts were gone we cleaned up the chassis, and boxed in the frame for additional support


OK.. cabs are back, and primed.  Time to get to work 





As you cab see we did extensive bracing before doing any cutting.  If you can see we braced side-to-side and front-to-back.  We figured when we cut it apart it would spread out and lose it's factory shape.

Here when we got her home.  Had to borrow some axles and install them in the field

Front shot of the M5  It was a daily driver 




She ran great, no knocks, no pings, smmmooooth.

This whole rolling chassis is for sale. 


Well, we stripped out every nut and bolt.  Down to bare bones.  While the chassis was off to the blaster we cleaned up the cabs, fenders, etc to get them ready to get blasted 


Came across this great deal on some suspension items.  Complete Mustang II front end, with power steering, and also the rear end, for a great price, and no shipping charges.  I didn't need it yet, but it was too good to pass up.




OK.  Parts are coming back.  Here we have primed  many parts we'll need later



First thing we did was cut off the front of this cab.  This will be the rear part 




Here you can see the bracing, and how we cut the top and sides.  We also braced the other part of the cab to hold it's shape

Here's another shot.  Some rough spots for sure. 


Side view. running board rotted, bed where fenders attach rotted out, fenders all beat up. 


 OK Gotta have a game plan.  First we send the chassis to get sand blasted










 After much work and disassembly of both trucks it was off to the sand blaster


 Pulled this motor out of old Chevy.  Don't look like much

And here is it after she's had a complete and total rebuild.  Just need a finished truck to put it in. 


well the cutting has began.  We mearsured a place on the top of the cb where they could meet and give us a connection that was factory formed.  Then cut down the sides to match up the two cabs. 

We jump ahead, and you can see we have welded the two cabs together.  We put X-bracing for added strength 

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