Studebaker Project

OK, gonna continue on here.  This is pretty simple, and anyone can do it.  You just have to remember to weld the seams really well, and don't burn through anywhere.  Now I haven't pressure tested this yet because I stopped before I got the sending unit, etc all put in. But I don't anticipate any problems.  There is very little pressure in the tanks since you always have a vent tube to the outside..
Here you can see one of the baffles positioned inside the tank. The wood is just a there to make the spacing from the bottom until welded.  Also note notched corners to allow fuel travel

 Another view with baffles, and you can see where I am welding in the drop down area for the sending unit, fuel lines, etc

Now you can better see the top with the recess.  This will have a piece to fill in the hole that is showing.  When the holes for the lines are attached, then it'll be welded to the tank

Well OK, things been on the shelf for a while - BAD cold winter of 2013, so not much going on.  Work was hit and miss, had to do whatever weather would allow

Well, can't do body work, etc - just to cold.  I need a rear roll pan so I decided I'd start working on it.

Here is the rear panel. I have to add tail lights yet; but you can see the license plate holder; it folds down so I can insert the trailer hitch. 

 Here you can see what they look like on the inside

 Side view of the rear of the running board and frame. This part goes toward the rear fender. We fit the frame to butt up against the rear fender and not run under it; hence the curve.

This is a better view from the top.  You can see the bottom tabs welded on, as well as the ones welded to the sides.  These baffles will make the tank retain it's shape.

OK, I'll be the first to admit I'm not a great welder.  So to help prevent any leaks, or from blowing a hole in the sheet metal, I am welding an angle to the top sides of the tank.  This way when I do final welding I'll have some steel to back up against.

This is where the tank will mount in the bed.  Like most it'll be in the read of the bed next to the tail gate.  You can see from the marking where things will be placed.  I think I calculated it out to hold about 27 gallons

 Kinda hard to see what's going on, but I want a recessed license plate; so I had to cut a hole, and and build a recessed area.

 We decided to work on the side boards we'll add near completion. Here Dad works on sizing and fitting the standards.

 This is a full view from the drivers side.

 This is the same running board from the front side.  This end will butt up against the front fender. These are oak boards that should look great when stained and finished.

This is the tank with both baffles installed, and I am now starting to make a recessed area on top for the outlets to come out.

This picture shows a better view.  I run this angled piece all the way around the top since I won't be able to weld both inside and out like I did on all the other seams

The white things running top left to bottom right are the bed supports.  Between two of them you'll see the square opening highlighted in red.  Again, this is where the fuel lines, sending unit etc will come out.  The recess is to make more room and not crimp the lines.  You'll see a yellow dot near the back of the tank, that is where the vent line goes, and the blue dot is pretty close to where the fuel filler neck will be.  More pics upon final welding

 Pic left and above are the back side of the roll pan. You can see I have a square hole in it. I plan on being able to put a hitch in when needed.

Kinda jumped ahead too far. But you can see how we laid them out.  They are as good as done, just need to round off the ends yet. 

 Here is the boards we made for the running board frames you saw on previous pages

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