Studebaker Project

Well We pretty much got the major parts done. (except the pick-up bed). 

Might as well tackle that next.


Well this is going to be a project  The 1 ton bed had solid sides, but the front  and the tailgate was worthless.  They had even welded plate steel over the "Studebaker" on the tailgate.  Then on the 1/2 ton bed, the truck came from the great white north, and the sides were all rotted out from sand / salts on the roads.  However the tailgate and front was in good shape.  So we had to use the front and tailgate from the 1/2 ton, and used the sides from the 1 ton.  With the odd shapped size of the cab, we decided we'd need to make the scale match, so we decided on a 7 foot bed.  Needless to say we had quite a job in front of us.

Here is the one ton bed.  Nice sides, but all beat up front and back.  Stake pockets kind of beat up on this one.


These two pictures are the front stake pockets, you can see where we just cut off the cross bar, and had a new one made.


Here is the bed all welded together.  Hard to tell but the far end is white (out of the 1/2 ton) and the sides are red (off the 1 ton). 


You can see we welded a cross member and a short extension to connect the two sides of the frame.  We figured we needed some support in case of a rear end collision.


Here's my sand blasting 'booth' I built.  I put a heavy tarp on the ground, and plastic ones to make the sides.


We cut off the flat part of the tailgate and worked on it and got it ready to fabricate the new tailgate. 


So here's a look at what it looks like with the cab, bed, etc all on the frame.  Looks pretty good.  If you look close you can see the suspension is also already attached, so I got the pics a little out of order. 


Another shot of the rearend.  You can see the new crossmember, shocks, and springs, etc.


Oh.. Here's another picture of the tailgate 

Here was the 1/2 ton bed  You'll see this picture again when we re-do our tailgate this is after ends were removed.


Here you can see all of what we used of the 6 foot bed.  About this much off of each end.  You can also see the new bar we had made 


The bottom was in pretty rough shape also.  So we planned on putting a wood floor with the chrome strips.  We went ahead and bought the strips so we....


You can better see here where we added the additional support.  Also we drilled a hole to bolt the bed down solid to the frame.  Also can see how much of the two beds we used.


OK.. here's that picture I promised you'd see again.  This is the side of the bed from the 1/2 ton.


Here you can see where we cut the rolls off of the top of off the beds, and  welded them to the flat part.  We also had to....


This shows where we put in a new crossmenber to mount the rear-end on.  Also if you look you see the factory crossmember, and a couple rows above it shows where we moved this. 


This is the mount we had to attach to the chassis (inside frame rail) to get the proper angle for the bottom bars. 


This is the new cross member that will support the tail of the motor

SO basically all that was "useable" from the 6 foot bed was the area where the front and rear stake pockets were.


 One side of the bed had a bow in the top We got some clamps, and took a torch and heated the side as we straightened the bow out. 


could place cross members in the right place so the pre-drilled hole in the chrome would match later on.  This is after pretty much a total rebuild of the bed.


To make room for a gas tank in the rear of the bed; we moved the factory cross member forward.  You can see where it is now, and it used to be where the stick is in the picture. 




So the next thing we go to work on is the tailgate.  The 'flat' part with 'Studebaker" on it was fine, but the upper and lower parts with the rolls on them were all beat up.  So we figured we could use the top part off of the sides of the bed to reproduce the rolls.  It came out well as you'll see below.


 make the 'ends' of the tailgate, but since they were square bends that was easy.  Here's what it looked like afterward.


 Here is an overhead view of the rearend.  It's called a tri-anglated four bar.  It you look at the previous picture you can see where we had to notch the frame for the rear axle to fit where it needed to be.


Axle with brake mount attached. It'll have disc brakes all the way around.  How to Install the emergency brake worries me??


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