Studebaker Project

 On this page I have some of the "modern conveniences" I have added so far. 

Had to make sure the A/C unit was going to fit under the dash.  All looks good. 


Well, I decided I wanted some door poppers.  Here is the original factory latch area 


Here is the factory area on the cab part 



We decided it was time for a test fit.  Tire seems to center up well within the fender


This is my inner fender panels.  The bottoms were all rusted out, so we decided to remake them, but a little differently 



These fender panels were pretty rusted under where the headlight buckets mounted


 My side grilles are in bad shape.  This one had three verticles that were bad, and was rusted badly around where the cutout is for the bumper

Power window openers were a must.  Due to the curve of the door being on the outside...


We just had to cut a small area to allow for mounting of the new latches system.


This is the other part, basically just a bolt that sticks out for the latch to lock on to. 


Here's the test fit from the front  Seemed to all go together well.


On the previous picture, you can see the turn out we added on the bottom if the panels this is to help keep mud, water, etc out of the engine bay. 


We beefed them up with a little metal, used a little putty to smooth them out, then primered


This is what it looked like after we made an attempt to repair it.  Not exactly what I'd like to put on the truck.  May have to see if I can find some somewhere. 

we had to mount the mechanism on the outside of the door.  But it works well.


Here is the locking mechanism installed in the door.  It was pretty easy and looks good.


Here is a bunch of various items we blasted; headlight buckets, radiator frame, etc 


Here's how we pick the cab up.  Maybe a little weird, but functional. 


The previous picture shows the fix we made on the fenders from the inside, this is it from the outside where the tire mounts


 This is the vertical pieces of the fenders that the hood closes on.  They look nice

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