Studebaker Project

I feel I have to take a moment here, and make a small dedication area to our little buddy Chico.  Chico was our Chihuahua that had been in the family since he was a pup.  He was a part of the family.  Anita and I never had any kids, so he was our 'baby'.   He was such a good little fella, and we loved him so much.  And you could tell he loved us, and was dedicated to us.  One thing about a dog, they are always a true friend, and always forgive you for what every you do.  I have serious depression, and he made life much more enjoyable for me, and kept me company all those long days Anita is gone working.  

He was always excited when we came home, and would bounce around and dance he was so happy to see us.  He also just loved to lay in the sunshine.  He could lay out in the sun for hours and be perfectly content.  He was such a good dog, never tore up anything, messed in the floor or anything.  And he just loved to lay in the recliner with Anita or I and be petted.  If you quit petting him, he would wiggle up against your hand, letting you know he wanted some more.

Unfortunately on Saturday night 10/13/12 we let him out to go potty before bed.  For some reason he went around the front of the house and got out in the road, got run over and killed.  Anita and I were crushed (and still are).  For days we held each other and cried, thinking about how we had failed him, and not done a good job protecting him.  We are still guilt ridden.  Since he loved the sun so much we buried him in a sunny spot close to the house.  He can also see when we pull into the driveway and know we are home.

It's going to be a while before we recover from this, and we feel like we have a hole in our hearts.  No dog will ever replace Chico and he will always be fondly remembered.

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