Studebaker Project

OK, Now on to something a little different... (and happier)

With my body guy kind of missing in action for the next three weeks, Dad and I decided to work on the truck bed.  One side is straight as an arrow; the other has a decent side bow in it.  Someone gave us an idea how to fix it, so we are going to work on that in between bodywork sessions.
This is the side we decided to try and make perfect.  Had to make some relief cuts Then made some support bars

Here is the side of the bed with the bars removed

OK ... back to working on the bed.  The Side we had previously blasted and primed, is the one we decided to do some more work

I got the inside of the bed blasted, cleaned up and ready to prime.  I also primed the inner fenders, and the part of the fenders that hold the head lights

Turned the bed around, and working on the other side now.

Body guy was back.  We aligned the door, and tried to make all the gaps match.  Here you can see there is no gap at all at the bottom

I got a couple clamps and nudged the two panels toward one another closing up the gap

Jesse The Body Man is back in action.  Lots of work to do on the roof.

 Here you can see where we drilled in a few holes and pulled the sheet metal straight with the "L" shaped support bars 

Here my great little Girl Friend Anita jumps in and does some grinding.  She's not afraid to get her hands dirty.

On the dark places on the left side you can see where we made the relief cuts to straighten out the kinks.  Time to reblast and prime it

While I sanded the inner fenders to get a shot of primer, I also did both of these fender parts where the head light buckets mount.  Got a few pits to fill on both.

Then I turned it over and blasted the very bottom edges


We decided to make a relief cut to allow the gap to get bigger in the bottom and rear area of the door

This is the gap after I welded it together.  Somehow I forgot to take a pic right after welding

Little at a time she's taking shape.  A little filler, then lots of sanding.  LOL.

Here you see the bars bolted on and some of the welding done.  We moved the bar around so we could weld it all.

 Here's the view now, looking from the tailgate toward the cab.

Needless to say I set back up my temporary blasting area.  Sat the bed up on a set of saw horses, and away I went.  This is such a handy little area

 Here it shows as I am sand blasting on the outer part of the truck bed.  You can see how far I have gotten and how clean it looks

Had to thorough in doing the area where the bed & bottom meets

Here you can see we made the cut.  It is on a diagonal and starts about an inch or so below the door and runs out to nothing

So we put some filler on the door just to take out what few places there were.  Looking good already

Close to putting the last of the material on the roof.  Cutting and extending the cab sure takes time

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