Studebaker Project

Continuing on...  As I have been going on I have decided to make a few changes.  One was the mounting points for the rear end.  I also decided to change the firewall, and figured a way to use the original dash without cutting it up to badly.  I guess if nothing else the additional time I took off from working on the truck, it has given me time to re-think things and make changes for the better.
We decided we might have a problem with our ride clearance.  We originally installed the bars as per instructions

Here is what we originally did to make room for the new 350 power plant.  Nice design, looked ok.

Here's another pic after I cut out the top part.

Here's what it looked like welded in You can see the new look

This is the new look from inside.    Actually worked out well because it gave better clearance for the A/C unit
Here she is in a coat of primer.

Put on some fiberglass to smooth it up
But we measured and only had 5 inches of clearance.  We decided we move the bracing arms higher to fix the issue

But I decided it was too 'tall' an opening and could look better.  Here is what it looked like inside
I fabbed up a piece for the bottom, and welded it in.

This pic isn't that great, shot from the front

Now I needed to sand blast it.  Put down my tarp, and set up a little booth I could get inside of

Couple more shots in primer

Here's a better pic.
The two pics to the left are what it looks like now...  The pic above is what it looked like before.  We raised it about 3 inches

So I went to work on a new look.  Cut the top circled part off and squared it up; making it shorter.

Then I made a piece across the whole width of the firewall.

Here's a better look.  The edges matched up well

Got it all blasted.  Looks pretty good.  Now I gotta clean up the mess

Side pic, ready for fiberglass

Ready for sanding - more to come on the firewall later
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