Studebaker Project

Since fenders are so hard to find, I was forced to use fiberglass fenders.  MANY people have asked me the quality of the fenders I purchased.  I decided I'd just to a page and show everyone what I got and how I intend to use them.
My plan here is to bond some metal to the fiberglass, then after I get the metal bonded on, I plan to use some fiberglass mesh, mixed with resin to strengthen the angle in the corner of the lip.  You just know someone will come sit on your fender and snap it right off.  SO I'm trying for a little 'insurance' here.  The fenders come from Class Glass and Performance Inc.  They are the only place I know you can get replacement Studebaker fenders.  (You think they'd pass along a couple free fenders for mentioning them here   LOL)
Here's the new fender just out of the box.

well  I am trying to show the lip thickness.  It is about two pennies wide.

This is hard to see, but the fender is laying on a piece of cardboard so I can make a pattern of the lip

Test fitted the metal pieces I make to go over the fender lip.  Looks good.  Ready to glue in.

These are the fiberglass matting strips I cut to use as the stiffener.  The widest is 3 1/2 inches, the next is 3 inches, and the narrowest is 2 1/2.

Hard to see here, but I'm trying to show how I put the mat in.  The lip of the fender is made about 1 1/2 inches wide.  I rolled the matting up onto the lip about and inch, and let the rest lay on the fender itself.  Make sure to tuck the mat tight into the corner so the strength is there.  If you don't it'll be hollow there and you'll fail to get strength you are trying to achieve.
Here is the view of inside of the fender

Next couple pictures are of the minor imperfections - needless to say nothing right out of the mold will be perfect

You can I am laying out the pattern on the piece of steel.  I am putting both metal and fiberglass on the lip to make it stronger 

Here I have glued the metal strip to the fiberglass lip.  Used 3/4 oak strips to get a good grip all the way across.

OK... here was the outcome of trying to glue the metal to the fiberglass.
It didn't work.
I left it glued together over night.  Even left two shop lights shining on them to create a little and help them to bond.
When I took off the clamps, the metal lifted right off.  Both coats of glue stuck to the metal, and none to the fiberglass.  So I just put in the fiberglass to serve as the stiffener

In the next picture you can see my mixing style.  When you mix this you'll only get ONE use per container.  So I made a 'master' measuring cup that just had the lines for different amounts.  I marked 6 ox, 8 oz and 10 oz.  The other bottle is what I used to mix in.

This is a pic when it is all finished and dried.  I put in the three layers.  All three rolled up the one inch onto the fender lip, and then each layer had 1/2 inch less onto the fender surface.  So the bottom layer has 21/2 inched on the fender face, the next has 2 inches and the final one has 1 1/2.  If that don't give it extra support I have no idea what will.
This is the width of the mounting lip.  That's a quarter laying on the side so you get some sort of idea.

Here is a side pic.  These are the worst places.  As you can see I got the fenders two inches thicker

 You can see many of the pieces are similar, so I can cut many out of one piece of metal

Here's a couple issues I have.  I think it's going to be hard to bond metal to fiberglass.  I guess I'll find out here.  I used DAP Contact Cement. It says it should bond almost instantly.  SO far I'm not finding that to be the case.  I'll let you know more later.  I think I'll let them sit over night and see what happens.  If anyone has any ideas - please pass them along.


This is the epoxy I used.  This is 3M stuff so it should be good stuff. 
This was bought at HOME DEPOT.  It was only about $25 for the gallon.  That's about $25 a gallon CHEAPER than at the auto parts stores here.
So about 1/2 the price.  They also carried the fiberglass matting

Comment - Even though I wasn't able to get the metal to stick to the fiberglass... I think I'll still go ahead and put the metal on TOP of the matting I glued in when I mount the fenders for good.  My thought is that if some idiot does sit on the fender, the metal will widen out the force over a larger area... instead of just pulling on that area where that one bolt will be.  May not need to be there, but I figure it's free "insurance"
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